Thanks to its modular design, sets of 2, 3 or more heads can be configured to increase productivity.

Depending on the type of work to be carried out and the number of heads required, it is possible to integrate and incorporate a return system in the structure of the machine itself.

  • The standard version of the JBJ 1000 rip saw can process material up to 180 mm wide and 380 mm high.
  • The drive belt is 180 mm wide.

  • Robust 1000-mm flywheels with 65 mm rims, made of FG-25 cast iron, machined using CNC systems and dynamically balanced.

  • Standard 2 mm kerf.

  • Versatility: processes slabs and cores with 3 and 4 faces.

  • Variable feed speed, from 0-50 m/min.

  • The JBJ 1000 requires a small amount of space.

  • Simple and easy to use.

  • Manual tensing using mechanical ratchets and spring buffers to absorb dimensional variations in the band saw.
  • Scrapers to clean flywheels.
  • Cutting head elevation and descent system using speed reducer, final adjustment for manual cutting measurement.
  • Pressure guides.
  • Self-propelled dragging disk and pneumatically operated power supply, in front of each cutting head.
  • Band saw cooling and cleaning system using injectors.
  • Metallic drive belt.
  • Measurement equipment for positioning.
  • Pressure guide rectifier.
  • Variable frequency drive in main motor to adjust cutting speed.