Fixed head horizontal resaw and horizontal mobile table designed for processing blocks of balsawood, with the following dimensions:

  • W: 1.300 mm.
  • L: 2.500 mm.
  • H: 1.300 mm.

High resistance machine welded steel structure. Its flywheels with a diameter of 1000 mm and 70 mm width allow for the use of saws up to 80 mm wide, providing excellent cut quality even at high speeds. Its quality, low maintenance, reliability and precision make this machine a reference on the market.

  • Manual tensing using mechanical ratchets and spring buffers to absorb dimensional variations in the band saw.
  • Scrapers to clean flywheels.
  • Measurement equipment for positioning with user-friendly touch screen interface.
  • Pressure guides.
  • Band saw cooling and cleaning system using injectors.
  • Pressure guide rectifier.
  • Variable frequency drive in main motor to adjust cutting speed.